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Advertory – Advertory helps small businesses connect with highly valuable customers automatically.

Appetas – Appetas makes marketing a restaurant online simple, effective, and beautiful.

BagsUp – BagsUp is social discovery for travel. In one click we connect you to the experiences that your friends and the people they know share in their social networks to find places for a night out, weekend away or next trip

Embarke – Embarke helps companies reach users and retain them.  We perform behavior + interest analysis on their users, so we can provide companies insights on how to best reach and engage with them.

Fanzo – Fanzo ranks sports fans.  Claim your fanzo score, see how you rank and help your team win the social game.

MetricsHub – MetricsHub offers public cloud monitoring that keeps web applications up and running for the lowest possible cost.

Mobilligy – Mobilligy makes it simple for consumers to manage and pay bills right from their smartphone, letting them time payments accurately, avoid fees, and control expenses.

Realty Mogul – Realty Mogul is crowdfunding for real estate, a marketplace for accredited investors to pool money and invest in passive real estate deals.

Socedo – Socedo helps sales and business development professionals leverage the social web to discover prospects and build relationships more effectively.

Staq – Staq is a backend as a service for games. We make it simple to monetize and optimize free to play games on mobile, web and consoles.


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